Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Where have you been?" asks a friend. Probably the only person who reads this blog with any consistency besides me ....

Well, I've been slacking off. Sort of.

I made more earrings ... experimenting the thread colors for the seahorse earrings made with a Sonia Showalter design ...
These are very dense and while I would love to stitch them out using glitter thread I think it would be very tough to do without constant thread breakages.

And then I made a bunch of pocket angels for my friend Teresa who is going through a hard time and decided to turn some of them into earrings ... the ones without the fish hooks are also a Sonia Showalter design and I like them very much. Just need to play with making a loop for the top that also looks like a halo.

Got the lock and key lace onto fish hooks and the black hearts as well ...

That runner still isn't done. *SIGH*
OK ... off to fold more fabric.

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