Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Progress and Something Sewn

I've been slacking off again on posting.

Note to self: post if just to say hi to my QB buddies.

Progress is being made. So far I have three shelves full of fabric - and each is two bolts deep.

And I've organized my blank t shirts so I can embroider more of them ...

Shirts on the top row and some completed veils below.

NO. I am not going to show you the horrifying mess that is elsewhere. 
I will concentrate on the tidy bits, such as they are.
I have a looooong way to go.

But has she been sewing, you might ask?
Yes!  I didn't take photos, but I did send some nice dish towels to my SP on the quilt board and made a t shirt for another. 
OK. That's not sewing. How's this?

I made a tote bag with a little snack holder for my dear little friend, Miss Daisy! 
When she gets tired her mama can put her in the bag and carry her. 
I think that is a fine idea. 
Here's Miss Daisy

Not to be confused with my Daisy Mae

Well, that's all for now, except for an awesome photo of my son the chef ...


  1. OMG *We* LOVE it!!! it is sooooo stinking cute!!!
    and look at Daisy Mae in her little summer dress :) sweet little girl!!! xo

  2. Wowzers Krystyna, you have been very busy. First the pretty earings you posted and now all the organization.....! I love the little poochie bag. That fabric is so cute! Daisy Mae is so cute.